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To all SPA members,
The SPA executive has been working on a Return to Sport plan that will hopefully see a return to powerlifting competitions.  To start this process, the SPA Executive is asking for anyone interested in competing in a competition to register using the below link.

Registering is only stating you are interested in being considered to lift in a competition in November or December 2020 or January 2021.  Once the SPA executive has a grasp on the number of lifters who are interested in competing, competition dates will be set with lifters being assigned to a competition should they be able to make the date and location work.

We will be returning to the platform very slowly with all health and safety standards being considered and met in order to return to our sport while doing so in a safe and controlled environment.  Athletes will receive more information and will receive the opportunity to opt in or out of specific competitions once a schedule is set based on the interest determined by signing up through the link.

Signing up as interested does not guarantee a spot at a certain competition, but will allow the executive to make decisions based on the actual interest to return to competition.  The SPA Executive is committed to finding opportunities for interested lifters to compete again and will make every effort to make it work. The size of competitions will start very small, allowing for physical distancing and limited cohort mixing.

We thank you for your patience as we built a return to sport plan and look forward to once again having competitions hosted in our province.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Ryan Fowler at

The link to the SPA Competition Registration document is

Yours in lifting,
SPA Executive

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