SPA Virtual Competitions

We hope you are all well and you have been able to train as much as possible in this strange year!  We have some exciting news for the membership regarding the SPA executive’s work to provide competitions for the members.

As you know, the SPA has been forced to postpone all in person competitions due to Covid-19.  While the SPA executive has endeavoured to find numerous ways to run sanctioned competitions in the province, the rise in Covid-19 numbers as well as the current Government of Saskatchewan guidelines have led to the decisions made by the SPA Executive to ensure that our athletes are not put in positions that could lead to potential spread of Covid-19.  

Until guidelines allow for the hosting of competitions and the SPA executive believes that an in-person competition can be held in a safe manner, SPA sanctioned competitions will be on pause. 

The SPA executive understands the importance of maintaining connection with its members and allowing the membership to continue training and finding a way to “compete.” That being said, the SPA will be hosting virtual “competitions” until we are once again able to sanction in-person competitions.  

Details for the virtual competitions can be located by following the link below:

The SPA executive would like to encourage all members to consider taking part in the virtual competition(s) as a fun way to continue to be involved in the association and to participate in a competitive aspect of the sport. We hope the membership enjoys this opportunity.

If you have any questions, please email them to or 

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