Update to Provincials 2021 Qualifying Standards:

With all of the changes and uncertainty over this past year, as well as all of the uncertainty that remains for this year, the SPA Executive has updated the Qualifying Standards for the 2021 Provincials. The qualifying standards for 2021 ONLY are the following: Any athlete wishing to lift at their first SPA provincial championship, being in the year 2021, must qualify for that championship. The qualification standard shall be recording a total in a lower level SPA sanctioned in person competition, or participating in an SPA organized virtual competition. Recording a three lift total in person, or participating in three lift virtually, shall qualify the athlete for three lift and bench only, while recording a bench only total in person, or participating in bench only virtually, shall qualify the athlete for bench only. 

If you have any questions about this change, please email them to president@saskpowerlifting.ca

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