Jeff Butt – Athlete

Jeff Butt – Athlete
Inducted 2015

(Jeff was also inducted to the Hall of Fame as a Builder in 2015. To read about that, go here.)

Jeff moved to Saskatchewan from Newfoundland in 1996.  He had been powerlifting in Newfoundland since December 1992, and brought that passion with him to Moose Jaw.

Jeff receiving his bronze medal in the Bench Press at the 2008 IPF Open World Championships

One of the most special events he competed in while living in Saskatchewan was the 2008 Open World Championships that were held in St. John’s, NL.  He was a part of the organizing committee, and also a lifter at this event in his home province.  It was also where he was his first and only Open World medal in the Bench Press.

Competition Accomplishments

2 time Classic Master National Powerlifting Champion

3 time Equipped Master National Powerlifting Champion

2 time Equipped Open National Powerlifting Champion

4 time Equipped Open National Bench Press Champion

2 time North American Powerlifting Champion

4 Retired Records

Current National Classic Master Squat record holder

World Squat Bronze

2 World Bench Silver

1 World Bench Bronze

1 World Deadlift Bronze

1 World Total Bronze

Top Master lifter in 2011


Coaching / Athlete experience at World events

Open Bench Press: 

1997 Canada

2004 USA

*Athlete and assisted athletes with coaching for both.

World Games: 

1997 Finland

2009 Taiwan

*Athlete 1997 and Coach in 2009.

Masters Powerlifting: 

2001 Canada

2003 Canada

2011 Canada

*Meet Director and Coach in 2001 and 2003, and Athlete and assisted athletes with coaching in 2011.

Junior and Sub-Junior Worlds:

1993 Canada

2005 USA

2006 Bulgaria

2007 France

2008 South Africa

2011 Canada

 *Athlete in 1993 and Coach in all other events.

Open Powerlifting Worlds:

1997 South Africa

2002 Slovakia

2003 Denmark

2004 South Africa

2005 USA

2006 Norway

2007 Austria

2008 Canada

2016 USA (Classic)

*1997 and 2004 Coach, all other years as a coach and athlete, and in 2008 he was the meet Director as well.

Coaching / Athlete experience at National events

1993-1995 Athlete Open Men’s Nationals AB, NS, and ON

1996 Coach Women, Master and Junior in NS

1996 Coach and Athlete Open Powerlifting and Bench Press in AB

1997-1999 Coach and Athlete at Junior, Master, Women’s and Bench Press in MB, SK, and QU

1997 Coach Open Men’s in ON

1998-1999 Coach and Athlete in BC and PEI

2000-2011 Coach and Athlete all events in SK, QU, NS, MB, ON, AB, BC, NS, ON, SK, QU, and PEI

2014-2016 Coach and Athlete in ON, NL and SK all events