Official Clubs

Only clubs officially registered with the Saskatchewan Powerlifting Association are listed here.  If you are interested in registering a club, please complete this Club Registration Form.

Any questions regarding club affiliation questions can be sent to the Registration Chair.


Wrench Fitness

Club Name: Wrench Fitness
Training Centre: Wrench Fitness
Address of Training Facility: 55 Centennial Dr N, Martensville
ontact: Reg Lepage ( or Gwen Grasdal (

Wrench Fitness was started with the goal of making fitness available to the community of Martensville without having to drive far to get it. Wrench Crew powerlifting club meets together every Sunday.

Moose Jaw


Club Name: Unparalleled
Training Centre: Team Redgoat Training Centre
Address of Training Facility: 24 Chester Road, Moose Jaw
Contact: Ryan Stinn (

Unparalleled is run out of Team Red Goat Training Centre in Moose Jaw and has everything the aspiring powerlifter needs – six competition style racks, thousands of kilos of plates, competition bars, etc. The club trains together in the evening on weekdays and around noon on weekends.

Prince Albert

Prince Albert Powerlifting Team

Club Name: Prince Albert Powerlifting Team
Address of Training Facility: 142 South Industrial Dr, Prince Albert
Contact: Kevin Preymack (306-960-5717) or Rob Munro (306-960-7123)


Foundation Fitness

Club Name: Foundation Fitness Powerlifting
Training Centre: Foundation Fitness
Address of Training Facility: 637 Solomon Cres, Unit 300
Contact: Jaime Otitoju 

Foundation Fitness is a new 6,500 sq. ft. heath & fitness training facility. The Foundation team welcomes athletes from all levels and ages to join in our positive, team environment. We currently have 9 lifting stations, 2 deadlift platforms, 1 weight lifting platform, 1 ER rack, 2 StrongArm combo racks and a full set of StrongArm kilo plates.


Club Name: Mettle
Training Centre: Mettle Performance Training Centre
Address of Training Facility: 645 Angus St, Regina
ontact: Tyler Harnett (

Mettle is home to over 80 competitive strength athletes and is a 7000 sf strength playground offering 7 IPF spec combo racks, competition plates and bars and everything needed for powerlifting, strongman and olympic weightlifting. Our expert coaches and training partners are ready to push you to your strength and fitness goals through our customized memberships (with or without coaching).

Trench Fitness

Club Name: Trench Fitness
Training Centre: Trench Fitness
Address of Training Facility: 115 Hodsman Rd, Regina
ontact: Neil Tkatchuk (

Trench Fitness is a state of the art strength training facility. We offer 24 hour access memberships and 16 total lifting stations, including 2 ER competition racks and a full set of Eleiko competition plates.


Bridge City Barbell

Club Name: Bridge City Barbell
Training Centre: Bridge City Barbell
Address of Training Facility: 439 Needham Way, Saskatoon
Contact: Daniel Heintz ( or Amanda Wall (

Rise Strength Lab

Club Name: Rise Strength Lab
Training Centre: Rise Strength Lab
Address of Training Facility: 1505 Ontario Ave, Saskatoon
Contact: Brandon Wicks ( or Jarek Rhode (

Saskatoon Barbell

Club Name: Saskatoon Barbell
Training Centre: Synergy Strength
Address of Training Facility: 400-1222A Quebec Ave, Saskatoon
Contact: Chris Arnold (

Synergy Strength & Conditioning

Club Name: Synergy Strength & Conditioning
Training Centre: Synergy Strength & Conditioning
Address of Training Facility: 400-1222 Quebec Ave, Saskatoon
Contact: Chad Benko (

Synergy Strength is a multi disciplinary strength facility focused on supporting strength sports.


In Depth

Club Name: In Depth
Training Centre: Olympia In Depth Performance
Address of Training Facility: 1733 Railway Ave, Weyburn
ontact: Ryan Fowler (

Olympia In Depth is a multi use facility with 3 competition platforms, kilogram plates and competition racks and bars, along with a high performance training area and traditional commercial gym equipment.


Pumphouse Athletic Club

Club Name: Pumphouse Athletic Club
Training Centre: Pumphouse Athletic Club
Address of Training Facility: B27 – 2nd Ave North, Yorkton
Contact: Alicia Simoneau (

The PAC is a 12,000 sq. ft. full service fitness facility. The club welcomes athletes from all levels of sport and variety of athletic backgrounds.  PAC Power Hours run 2-4pm every Saturday – anyone interested in powerlifting is welcome and encouraged to attend.